The Internet is Full of Tools

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It’s probably more accurate to say “the internet is a collection of swiss army knives”, but Blogging 101 says a catchy title is crucial to success.

Back in the day, the Internet was a simpler place. Your company had a website with static content about whatever your business was. Maybe you had a blog, but that was only if your business really lended itself to regular content updates or you were just a chatty sort of person.

Then things started getting complicated and Top 5 lists that over-simplified complicated concepts started appearing everywhere you turned. Continue reading “The Internet is Full of Tools” »

Ugly Truth: Shady Metrics are Shady

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“85% of statistic are made up on the spot.”

“Numbers lie.”

“Tell me what you want and I’ll find the numbers to prove it.”

We have a problem with metrics. We love them, but they’re not always helpful. As soon as you get a client to understand why their gut feeling or their ancedotal evidence is not necessarily the best foundation for their strategy, you have to start battling metrics. Continue reading “Ugly Truth: Shady Metrics are Shady” »

5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Twitter Profile

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Earlier this week I wrote a post on Rocketbot Comics to help their comic-creating community kick start their twitter profiles. Although specifically written with fledgling comic creators in mind, these tips are helpful for anyone who’s looking to kick start a lagging presence on Twitter.

Does this sound familiar? You have an account on Twitter. You signed up mostly to promote your comics and your artwork because you “live” on Facebook. You follow a few people, famous folks, artists you admire, maybe even us, but for whatever reason, you and Twitter just didn’t jive. Your account is still there and you’re wondering what you can do to give it a boost.

Or maybe you’re the opposite. You’re a social media darling and you’re online all day long chatting with friends across the world. But that’s about you, not your stuff. You’ve created a separate account for your professional side, but are looking for some tips on making it, well, professional.

Have I got a blog post for you!

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Social Content: How Much Do You Need?

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The internet has a problem with noise. We’ve been beating the “content is king” drum so loudly for so long that the place is overrun with a lot of useless, out of date content.

And yet, we still really like content. We know that if we’re not actively asking people to pay attention to us, whether through new blog posts, articles, tweets, pins or stories, they’ll stop looking. We’re not wrong, but as people committed to doing things right instead of the way we’re used to, I feel we have a duty to minimize how much we add to the noise.

So how much content do you really need?  Continue reading “Social Content: How Much Do You Need?” »

Rookie Blog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Like most folks looking to start a professional blog, I had great plans. More than many, I suspect, I had an actual strategy beyond the basic “Step 1: Write Posts. Step 2: Attract Customers. Step 3: Profit.” And yet, It’s been nearly 6 weeks since my last post. Do as I say, not as I do, obviously.

So what went wrong and what should I have done differently?

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So Much to be Thankful For

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‘Tis the season to be thankful. While I haven’t been keeping up with everyone else doing the daily thankful posts on Facebook, I have been thinking about it every day. That counts, right?

In this moment, I’m most thankful for the freedom I have to start this adventure. While I knew in theory that going freelance would help take the edge off of my work/life balance stress, I had no idea how quickly I would feel the results. The last few weeks have been exceptionally chaotic, but between everything else that was happening, I incorporated myself and laid the groundwork for SageLark’s online presence. I even lined up a client or two.

Here’s to wrapping up 2012 on a high note!

Ugly Social Truths: Twitter Followers Are Cheap (And Worthless?)

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The popularity contest on Twitter has gotten out of control. Whether you spend $20 for a thousand new followers or take the time to troll #followback for free, a large follower count is yours for the taking. These tricks can inflate your numbers, allowing you to look more popular than you really are, but is it worth it? We all like to feel popular. Those inflated counts can make community managers and brands feel successful. Obviously we’re doing a good job at social media, look at how many people we’re connected with.

But are you?
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Finding My Sea Legs

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[Insert animated 'under construction' hardrule.gif here -- oh, wait, it's not 1998 anymore. My bad.]

I really wanted to avoid one of those “First post! Be gentle.” blog posts, but until we truly set sail (or whatever ocean-related metaphor works here), I think it’s generally unavoidable.


I’m really excited to be taking everything I’ve learned about online marketing, copywriting and social media over the past several years and strike out my own. (set sail for new lands?) I’m looking forward to working with new, passionate clients who have something great they want to share with the world, but don’t have the time or the understanding to make it happen.

As of this post, I’m still in the process of getting my own online identity up to speed, putting my portfolio out there, etc etc. So … be gentle and mind the dust!