Ugly Truth: Shady Metrics are Shady

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“85% of statistic are made up on the spot.”

“Numbers lie.”

“Tell me what you want and I’ll find the numbers to prove it.”

We have a problem with metrics. We love them, but they’re not always helpful. As soon as you get a client to understand why their gut feeling or their ancedotal evidence is not necessarily the best foundation for their strategy, you have to start battling metrics. Continue reading “Ugly Truth: Shady Metrics are Shady” »

Ugly Social Truths: Twitter Followers Are Cheap (And Worthless?)

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The popularity contest on Twitter has gotten out of control. Whether you spend $20 for a thousand new followers or take the time to troll #followback for free, a large follower count is yours for the taking. These tricks can inflate your numbers, allowing you to look more popular than you really are, but is it worth it? We all like to feel popular. Those inflated counts can make community managers and brands feel successful. Obviously we’re doing a good job at social media, look at how many people we’re connected with.

But are you?
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