The Internet is Full of Tools

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It’s probably more accurate to say “the internet is a collection of swiss army knives”, but Blogging 101 says a catchy title is crucial to success.

Back in the day, the Internet was a simpler place. Your company had a website with static content about whatever your business was. Maybe you had a blog, but that was only if your business really lended itself to regular content updates or you were just a chatty sort of person.

Then things started getting complicated and Top 5 lists that over-simplified complicated concepts started appearing everywhere you turned. Continue reading “The Internet is Full of Tools” »

Ugly Truth: Shady Metrics are Shady

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“85% of statistic are made up on the spot.”

“Numbers lie.”

“Tell me what you want and I’ll find the numbers to prove it.”

We have a problem with metrics. We love them, but they’re not always helpful. As soon as you get a client to understand why their gut feeling or their ancedotal evidence is not necessarily the best foundation for their strategy, you have to start battling metrics. Continue reading “Ugly Truth: Shady Metrics are Shady” »

Social Content: How Much Do You Need?

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The internet has a problem with noise. We’ve been beating the “content is king” drum so loudly for so long that the place is overrun with a lot of useless, out of date content.

And yet, we still really like content. We know that if we’re not actively asking people to pay attention to us, whether through new blog posts, articles, tweets, pins or stories, they’ll stop looking. We’re not wrong, but as people committed to doing things right instead of the way we’re used to, I feel we have a duty to minimize how much we add to the noise.

So how much content do you really need?  Continue reading “Social Content: How Much Do You Need?” »