5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Twitter Profile

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Earlier this week I wrote a post on Rocketbot Comics to help their comic-creating community kick start their twitter profiles. Although specifically written with fledgling comic creators in mind, these tips are helpful for anyone who’s looking to kick start a lagging presence on Twitter.

Does this sound familiar? You have an account on Twitter. You signed up mostly to promote your comics and your artwork because you “live” on Facebook. You follow a few people, famous folks, artists you admire, maybe even us, but for whatever reason, you and Twitter just didn’t jive. Your account is still there and you’re wondering what you can do to give it a boost.

Or maybe you’re the opposite. You’re a social media darling and you’re online all day long chatting with friends across the world. But that’s about you, not your stuff. You’ve created a separate account for your professional side, but are looking for some tips on making it, well, professional.

Have I got a blog post for you!

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