The Internet is Full of Tools

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It’s probably more accurate to say “the internet is a collection of swiss army knives”, but Blogging 101 says a catchy title is crucial to success.

Back in the day, the Internet was a simpler place. Your company had a website with static content about whatever your business was. Maybe you had a blog, but that was only if your business really lended itself to regular content updates or you were just a chatty sort of person.

Then things started getting complicated and Top 5 lists that over-simplified complicated concepts started appearing everywhere you turned. Continue reading “The Internet is Full of Tools” »

Rookie Blog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Like most folks looking to start a professional blog, I had great plans. More than many, I suspect, I had an actual strategy beyond the basic “Step 1: Write Posts. Step 2: Attract Customers. Step 3: Profit.” And yet, It’s been nearly 6 weeks since my last post. Do as I say, not as I do, obviously.

So what went wrong and what should I have done differently?

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